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CharlesW-Ryder.jpg (23594 bytes) Major General Charles W. Ryder, the Division's first commander in World War II.
CharlesL-Bolte.jpg (21010 bytes) Major General Charles L. Bolte the Division's second commander in World War II.
hill-609.jpg (31768 bytes) Hill 609, Tunisia, sight of the Division's heroic battle during the final stages of the campaign for control of North Africa.
tanks-mud.jpg (27855 bytes) Tanks stuck in mud during operations to seize the "Winterline" from the Germans.
bridge-volturno.jpg (38309 bytes) Bridge across the Volturno River.
The 34th Division had to assault across the river three times in their preparations for the battle of Cassino.
awd-1-168in.jpg (32129 bytes) LTG Mark Clark awards the 168th Infantry Regiment a Presidential Unit Citation for their participation in the Cassino Campaign.
100th-BN.jpg (20796 bytes) Members of the 100th Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team move up to the fighting North of Rome. The battalion, made up of soldiers of Japanese decent and assigned to the 34th Division in Italy, is famous for it's audacious combat record.
inf-leghorn.jpg (38234 bytes) Foot soldiers of the 34th enter Leghorn, Italy during the Po Valley campaign, the final campaign in Italy.