Red Bull Trivia

Compiled by the 34th Infantry Division Association

Address for the 34th Division Association is:
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34TH Infantry Division Association
7700 NW Beaver Drive
Johnston, IA 50131-1902

The 34th Div Association was organized in Des Moines, IA 12 July 1946 with the first reunion held in that city the same year. Norman Hendrickson, former Chief of Staff, served as the first president.

Recognized chapters are: Des Moines, IA, Cedar Rapids, IA, Council Bluffs, IA, Minneapolis, MN, Waterloo, IA, Chicago, IL, Tri-States.

In the Civil War the 1st Regiment, Minnesota Volunteers forebearers of the 135th Infantry Regiment fought at Bull Run, Peninsula Valley, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg and Petersburg.

The 34th Infantry Division was first organized at Camp Cody, New Mexico, on 17 Oct 1917.
Official Record of the battle of Mount Pantano reads: At the beginning of the fight the mountain was wooded. When the 168th Infantry regiment was relieved, the slopes were bare. Cutbacks in the force structure cause the 34th Infantry Division to be deactivated in 1968.
The 34th Infantry Division is reactivated in 1991 comprised of troops from Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota. World War II officially ended in Europe on 7 May 1945. The enemy had been defeated.
In World War II soldiers of the 34th ID were awarded: 10 Medals of Honor, 98 Distinguished Service Crosses, 1,052 Silver Stars, 116 Legions of Merits, 1,713 Bronze Stars, and 15,000 Purple Hearts. Battle casualties for the 34th Division at the close of WWII were officially counted at: 3737 killed, 14, 165 wounded and 3,460 missing in action - a total of 21, 362 battle casualties.
During assignment to the 42nd "Rainbow Division" in WWI, the 168 Inf Regt and the 175th FA BN were awarded streamers for Champagne Marne, Aisne-Marne, Lorraine, St Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne Campaigns. Those who served with the Red Bull Proudly in WWII included the gallant Nisei: Americans of Japanese descent who formed the 100th Battalion and the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.
The 1st Iowa, later to become the 168th Infantry Regiment, fought in Arkansas, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Alabama, Atlanta and North and South Carolina, during the Civil War. The Civil War saw the forebearers of Iowa’s 133rd Regiment battle at Fort Donaldson, Shiloh, Vicksburg and Atlanta.
The 1st Minnesota, now the 135th Infantry Regiment, marched to the aid of New Ulm, MN during an Indian uprising in 1858. Forerunners of the 133rd Infantry Regiment marched through snowdrifts to Spirit Lake, Iowa to aid settlers in a Sioux Indian uprising in 1858.
In 1946 the 34th Division is reorganized with soldiers assigned from the Iowa and Nebraska National Guard. World War II ends as the 34th ID takes control of the PO Valley, Northern Italy, May 1945.
In 1948 US Highway 34 was designated as the 34th Infantry Division Memorial Highway as it passes through the state of Iowa. Article IX of the incorporation of the 34th ID Association provides that there shall be an annual reunion on the week-end following the first Monday in September of each year.
The 34th Infantry Division was never known for handing out medals with the "C" Rations. Cassino became a yardstick by which to measure the ferociousness of battles.

Ten Soldiers of the 34th were awarded the Medal of Honor in WWII:

Pvt Furman M. Smith*
Lt. Thomas W. Wigle*
Cpt William W. Galt*
Pvt Robert Booker*,
Pfc Leo Powers
Lt Ernest Dervishian
Lt Beryl R. Newman,
SSG George J. Hall*
Lt Paul Riordan*
Pfc Sadao S. Munemori*

* - Awarded Posthumously

Mobilization of the " Red Bull" on 10 Feb 1941 brought components from Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota to Camp Claiborne, Louisiana.
In 1942 the 34th Id became the first US Army division to be sent overseas in WWII. The 34th was deactivated at the end of WWII in 1945, credited with over 600 days of actual combat, more than any other US Army division in WWII.
The 168th Infantry Regiment, then the 51st Iowa, was mustered into federal service at Camp McKinley, Des Moines Iowa on 30 May 1898, for service in the Spanish American War. A monument to those who served the 34th Infantry Division in WWII was dedicated on 12 September 1987 and stands at Camp Dodge, IA for all to witness,
Re-live the memories- Visit the Memorial Museum at Camp Dodge, Des Moines, IA. Military memorabilia is accepted by anyone wishing to contribute The 34th received its nickname in North Africa and Italy (1943-1945) from the enemy German captives, who referred to it as the thundering       " Red Bulls".
"Buffalo Bill" Cody, "Black Jack" Pershing, were members of the Nebraska Militia Brigade, later to become the 135th Infantry Regiment. The 1st BN, 168th Inf Regt received the Distinguished Unit Citation for action on Mount Pantano, 29 Nov 43 to 3 Dec 43.
The 34th ID was the first US Army division to enter combat in the European Theatre of Operations in WWII ( November 1942 - North Africa). 1 May 1943 saw a brilliant victory of the 34th Division - the capture of Hill 609 was completed. (Tunisian Campaign)

The official slogan for the 34th Infantry Division is:

Attack! Attack! Attack!

March 1944 - Cassino finally taken - no less than five divisions were required to finish the task which the 34th Division had begun - and so nearly completed.
From the invasion of Italy to Cassino the men of the 1st and 3rd Battalions of the 133rd Infantry Regiment, Fought side by side with the Nisei, 100th Battalion and the 442nd regimental combat Team, a Japanese-American organization from California and Hawaii. The 34th German Division officially surrendered to the 34th "Red Bull" Division in Italy in 1945.
The 135th Infantry Regiment established a command post in Rome at 0130 hours on 5 Jun 44 and laid claim to being the first infantry regiment in Rome. The only 34th ID unit to land at Salerno on D-Day, 9 Sep 43, was the Minnesota 151st field Artillery Battalion.
The 151st FA BN fired 10,504 rounds during the battle for Salerno - this compared to 7,904 rounds expended during the entire African Campaign. At Fondouk, Pvt Robert D. Booker, Co B, 133rd Inf Regt bought his buddies’ lives with his own - He was the first 34th ID soldier to be awarded the Medal of Honor.